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Glass types

Glass Types

Palmers Glass range.

The design of your solution is only one of the things to consider for your new glazing solution from Palmers Glass. Now days there is a huge range of different types of glass available for special applications. At Palmer's we have access to everything from standard clear float glass, tempered, toughened, through patterned, tinted and laminated to energy efficient and safety glass.

With all of the options on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the best product for your needs. Thankfully, your Palmer's Glass consultant will guide you through all of your choices to deliver the best possible result for your project.

Glass Types

Frosted & Patterned Glass in Sydney.

Palmers have a range of frosted glass and patterned glass options to add privacy and dimension to your windows and doors. Many in the range may be toughened which allows them to be used anywhere A-Grade safety glass is needed.

Frosted glass is perfect for a range of applications including:

  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Glass walls and partitions
  • Balustrades
  • Shop fronts
  • Commercial applications
Glass Types

Security Glass.

There are many different types of security glass for a wide range of applications. At Palmer's we have access to glass specifically tailored for everything from resisting cyclonic winds to offering protection from would-be burglars.


StormGuard by Viridian is an A-Grade laminated safety glass designed to offer resistance to cyclonic winds and the debris associated with such events

Observation Mirror

Observation mirror is a specially treated laminated glass that allows viewing through one side of the glass while the other takes on a mirrored appearance.

Glass Types

Energy Efficient Glass.

Energy efficiency has permeated every aspect of life from the cars we drive and the light bulbs we use to the thermal properties of the glass in our buildings. From a gauge as thin as 4mm Palmer's offers a range of glazing solutions to optimized the energy efficiency of your home or commercial project.

Glass Types

Noise Resistant Glass.

While any laminated glass will offer sound dampening benefits there are also laminated products specifically designed to help eliminate unwanted noise levels. One such product is Viridian’s Lam Hush. Ranging from 6.5mm to 12.5mm in gauge, VLam Hush is available with added energy efficiency qualities. Give us a call and we will assess the best version for your needs. Noise resistant glass is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications and is a popular choice for homes and buildings near airports, roads and industrial environments.
Glass Types

Low Iron Glass.

The green tinge of ‘normal’ clear glass is due to the iron content that is inherent during the manufacturing process. Low Iron Glass has been manufactured without the Iron and while a slightly more expensive process, produces glass void of the green tinge making it an excellent choice for Shower Screens, Splashbacks and Table-Tops.

Glass Types


Mirror, or as it is referred to in the industry “Silver”, is basically silver backed glass giving the reflective properties that we have all grown to love. Available in stock gages of 3, 4 & 6mm. Palmer's also offer tinted, security and safety mirror for a variety of applications.

Glass Types

Tinted Glass.

We stock tinted glass and mirrors in grey and bronze. Most often seen in elevators, foyers and up-market bars, tinted mirrors and glass can add style to any entertainment area.

Glass Types

Laminated Glass.

Laminated glass is an A-Grade safety glass most often seen in shop fronts, doors and bathroom environments.

In elevators and other public areas laminated mirrors make an appearance. Laminated glass is basically two pieces of glass glued together. The benefit of this design is seen in the event of breakage. When the glass breaks the two pieces remain stuck together, keeping the pane in tact, ensuring that no shards come free to injure anyone.

Glass Types

Toughened Glass.

Toughened Glass, or ‘Tempered Glass’, has been baked at tremendous temperatures and then cooled quickly, making the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness.

The process of toughening glass creates compression on the surfaces and tension in the centre.

Toughened Glass conforms to the Australian Standard 2208 Safety Glazing Material for use in Buildings and is commonly found in Shower Screens, Balustrades and glass Table Tops. When Toughened Glass is struck with sufficient force as to cause a breakage, the glass shatters into tiny, relatively harmless, pieces.