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Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

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I want glass for my table top but do I need it toughened? I want to let light into the bathroom while maintaining privacy, what can I do?

All good questions. Let’s try to address some of the more common questions asked by your average DIY’er on glass.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

Does your glass have the green tinge to it?

The green tinge that pervades most glass is caused by the iron content. Taking the iron out sees a much clearer glass thus making it perfect for giving true colour reproduction in Splash-Backs. Table tops, shower screens and balustrades may all benefit from low iron glass.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

What is the best glass for my windows?

General window glass starts at 3mm Float Glass. ’Hackout & Re-glaze’ is the phrase used when re-glazing a window. Once a pane reaches 1sqm in area, thicker glass is used depending upon the size & purpose. Glass used in bathrooms & doors is always Safety Glass as is any window exposed to the public.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

What is the best glass for my Door?

Glass used in doors can be either Laminated or Toughened Safety Glass. While Toughened Glass offers more variety in terms of patterns and workability, Laminated Safety Glass can often be the best bet. In the event of breakage Toughened Glass will shatter sending small blocks of glass everywhere and while they are relatively harmless you’ll have that hole in your door until fixed. Laminated Safety Glass, when broken, will still stay together offering a barrier to the elements.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

What is a Polished Edge?

A polished edge creates a small chamfer on the top and bottom of the glass giving a smooth and safe edge.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide

What is Safety Glass?

Safety Glass is a phrase used to describe glass that, when broken, provides a level of safety for people in the vicinity. There are two types of safety glass. Laminated Safety Glass. Laminated Safety Glass is quite simply two pieces of normal glass laminated together. The most common form of this glass is the 6.38mm variety which is two pieces of 3mm glass laminated together with a PVB Interlayer. Most commonly seen in Shop Front Windows, car windscreens and shower screens.

Laminated Safety Glass, when struck with sufficient force, will break into shards but the pane will stay intact via the interlayer leaving no sharp edges exposed. Apart from the obvious safety benefits, this type of glass also offers a barrier to the elements even after it has been broken.

Toughened Glass, or ‘Tempered Glass’, has been baked at tremendous temperatures and then cooled quickly, making the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness. The process of toughening glass creates compression on the surfaces and tension in the centre.

Toughened Glass conforms to the Australian Standard 2208 Safety Glazing Material for use in Buildings and is commonly found in Shower Screens, Balustrade and glass table tops. When Toughened Glass is struck with sufficient force as to cause a breakage, the glass shatters into tiny, relatively harmless, pieces.

Supply Only Glass Buyers Guide