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Stylishly Protect Your Pool with Glass Fencing

Enjoy the view from your pool while keeping guests and children safe with a beautiful frameless glass fence from Palmers Glass

Functional & Stylish
Frameless Glass
Pool Fencing

You've worked hard to build a beautiful poolside sanctuary to relax in with your friends and family. Why compromise what you love by blocking the view with traditional metal fencing? A frameless glass fence is a perfect way to admire everything your pool has to offer while protecting your children from accidents.

Palmers Glass has been designing and installing exceptional glass fencing for in-ground pools in the Sydney area for over 30 years. Our experienced glass installation professionals will install the perfect glass fence around your pool so you can enjoy it safely for many years to come.

Keep your backyard pool safe without compromising the aesthetic beauty. Frameless glass fencing is a must-have for those who have beautiful landscaping or a breathtaking vista. Need to keep an eye on swimmers from inside the house? A frameless glass fence around pool areas gives you complete visibility and peace of mind.

  • Beautiful results every time!
  • Premium quality safety glass
  • We make it easy for you
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Frameless Pool Fencing with a
Top Rail Option
Stylish - Safe - Durable

We know that the most beautiful design comes down to the details, and our 'Top Rail' glass pool fencing option provides a sleek and unique flair without compromising visibility or safety.

Give your pool a subtle and defined barrier that you and your guests will love without having to resort to unsightly vertical metal posts used in semi-frameless glass pool fencing. With top railing options ranging from brushed brass to wood-grain finishes, your 'Top Rail' glass fencing will complement your existing pool-side aesthetic while maintaining the overall beauty.

Monica's testimonial

I had a frame-less glass shower screen that was supplied and fit promptly, with no fuss and looks lovely. All members of staff that I dealt with were courteous and professional. Thank you to the team at Palmer's Glass for a job well done.


  • 30+ Yrs of Glass Experience
  • Easy to Clean - 100% Safe
  • Premium quality fittings
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Trusted Quality Glass Fencing
For Over 30 Years

To complement your new Palmers Glass pool fence, you can select from a wide range of premium quality fittings including stainless steel spigots, soft close latches and childproof gate hinges. We manufacture all Grade-A safety glass fence panels in-house.

Our goal is simple: provide residential and commercial owners with perfect custom glass solutions for their pools. We strive to define new industry benchmarks with our craftsmanship and all work is 100% guaranteed.

Belinda's testimonial

From the first phone call to the installation, nothing less than fantastic customer service. Showed up on the exact time for quote and installation. Professional, punctual and friendly. Great products. Couldn't be happier.


  • In-house Glass Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Premium Quality Safety Glass
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Or call us today 9808 1344

Call us 9808 1344 or send us your enquiry

FAQ's About Our Glass Pool Fences

Got questions? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our amazing pool fences.

What type of hinges are used?

You can trust Palmers Glass to use only the finest fittings available, and our corrosion resistant pool fence hinges are no exception. Our durable and ultra-stylish hinges give you that luxurious soft-close feel whenever you use the gate.

All the beautifully finished pool fence hinges we supply are tamperproof and childproof. Every fitting included with your new pool fence comes with the full manufacturer's warranty.

Do we have a semi-frameless option?

We don't build traditional semi-frameless pool fences with vertical posts between each glass panel. Our semi-frameless alternative option has a top rail attached to the top of the frameless panels. Our top rail option gives you the visual definition that traditional semi-frameless fences provide but without the vertical posts.

Our top rail option has a 25 mm diameter stainless steel rail that runs across the top of the glass panels. The top rail can either be square or round and comes in a range of finishes, including stainless, black, and a wood finish. You can find examples of our semi-frameless pool fence alternative in this top rail gallery here.

Yes - we use toughened laminated glass

The benefit of our Frameless, toughened laminate balustrades is they are specially engineered, so in the event of breakage, the glass stays in one piece offering a barrier to help prevent anyone from falling into the pool.

In this way, we can provide fully frameless pool fences with no top rail at any height and still be compliant with all Australian regulations. Our frameless, toughened laminate balustrades are made from 15mm toughened laminate, A-grade, safety glass.

How long does it take? - 3 to 4 weeks.

From receipt of the deposit, we start cutting and processing the glass panels for your pool fence. You can expect the installation of your pool fence to take place within two to three weeks of receiving the deposit. Depending upon the size of your pool fence, installation may typically take between 1 and 4 days to complete.

Installation & things you must think about

  • It is important that all finished floor levels have been achieved before we come out to check measure glass.
  • Make certain that you raise any installation issues with us early in the piece. Ie, is there a detail or design on site that is still in discussion that may change? Location of lights, skimmer boxes?

Yes - everything is guaranteed for 3 years

Here at Palmers Glass, we use only the highest quality glass and fittings installed by industry-leading tradespeople. To back up our wares and services, we give a 3-year guarantee on all hardware and workmanship.

You can book your job with confidence because if an issue arises with one of our pool fences within 3-years of installation due to workmanship or hardware, we will rectify the problem quickly and efficiently for you.

Propping open the gate for any period of time will adversely affect functionality, and the warranty does not cover issues arising from such. Please note that our guarantee does not cover glass breakage or scratches due to the intrinsic nature of glass.

Further info on getting started

  • At Palmer's, all panels are custom-made to the exact specifications of your unique site, nothing is pre-fabricated. In addition, all aspects of processing are completed in-house giving us total control over quality control and turnaround.
  • Palmer's offer a free, on site, measure and quote for pool fencing. We can also give you an estimated quote off the plan.
  • Depending upon the size of the job, from receipt of deposit Palmer's will usually have your pool fence installed within 4 weeks. (Remember, we custom make everything)
  • Upon ordering your pool fence we require a 30% deposit enabling us to set the wheels in motion.

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