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Pool Fencing Buyers Guide

Glass Pool Fencing offers the ultimate in safety and design. Clear, unobstructed views makes monitoring children easier and the eye is free to roam over the environment without visually obstructing barriers. Let’s take a closer look!

Prices start from around $400 per lineal meter for semi-framed pool fencing, go through around $550 per lineal meter for frameless and up to around $1100 per lineal meter for fully frameless, toughened laminate pool fences. Prices vary depending on fixtures, accessibility and customisation.


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Sydney


The first obvious benefit of the semi-framed balustrade is the cost. Coming in at our most inexpensive balustrade the savings come in the aluminium posts and top rail. The frameless fixings are all stainless steel which raises their cost so aluminium is an economical choice for those so inclined. Our Semi-Framed pool fences are made from 10mm toughened, A grade, safety glass.

Semi-Framed Pool Fencing

Frameless, our most popular pool fence, offers a clear view of the environment. No posts to obscure the view and a top rail to your taste.

It is a requirement by law that a top rail is fitted to pool fences where there is a drop of 1 meter or more from the finished floor surface unless a suitable engineering solution is provided. The top rail provides a barrier to help prevent someone from falling in the event of glass breakage. Our Frameless pool fences are made from 12mm toughened, A-grade, safety glass.


Frameless POOL Fencing


The benefit of our Frameless, toughened laminate balustrades is that they are engineered such that in the event of breakage, the glass stays in one piece offering a barrier to help prevent someone from falling.

In this way, we can provide fully frameless pool fences with no top rail at any height and still be compliant with all Australian regulations. Our Frameless, toughened laminate, balustrades are made from 15mm toughened laminate, A grade, safety glass.

Frameless Toughened Laminate Pool Fencing

From receipt of deposit we start cutting and processing the glass panels for your pool fence. You can expect the installation of your fence to take place within two to three weeks of receiving the deposit. Depending upon the size of your pool fence, installation may typically take between 1 and 4 days to complete.

Notes on Installation and things to think about:

  • It is important that all finished floor levels have been achieved before we come out to check measure glass.
  • Make certain that you raise any installation issues with us early in the piece. Ie, is there a detail or design on site that is still in discussion that may change? Location of lights, skimmer boxes?


What fixing style are you after? Round or square spigots? 38mm or 50mm dia glass anchors? Channel fixed? Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel finish? Glass type? Clear, frost, or …? Style of Handrail if required? Is your gate pivoting left or right handed? Given that the gate must swing away from the pool is there anything in the way?

Note: Once the glass has been toughened no further processing is possible so everything needs to be clear from the start.


Pool Fencing Sydney NSW


Here at Palmer’s Glass we use only the highest quality glass and fittings installed by industry leading trades people. To back up our wares and services we give a 3 year guarantee on all hardware and workmanship. This means if within three years of installation an issue arises with one of our pool fences due to workmanship or hardware we will rectify the problem quickly and efficiently. Propping open the gate for any period of time will adversely affect functionality and issues arising from such are not covered by the warranty. Please note that due to the intrinsic nature of glass, our guarantee does not cover glass breakage or scratches.

Further Info:

  • At Palmer’s, all panels are custom made to the exact specifications of your unique site, nothing is pre-fabricated. In addition, all aspects of processing are completed in-house giving us total control over quality control and turnaround.
  • Palmer’s offer a free, on site, measure and quote for pool fencing. We can also give you an estimated quote off the plan.
  • Depending upon the size of the job, from receipt of deposit Palmer’s will usually have your pool fence installed within 4 weeks. (Remember, we custom make everything)
  • Upon ordering your pool fence we require a 30% deposit enabling us to set the wheels in motion.