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Stylish Starphire Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks give a wonderfully clean, stylish look to your kitchen, bathroom or featured room. Using Starphire glass we can specifically cater to the exact Dulux colour of your choice. Call Palmers Glass on 02 9808 1344 for a professional free measure & quote

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks
Custom-made for your kitchen

Large kitchen splashbacks (or any glass near a heat source) needs to be made of toughened glass, for safety reasons. Splashbacks can also be installed in Slump or textured glass. We also have new 'Metallic Fleck' for those wanting to make more of a statement.

Our amazing Enduroshield options will greatly reduce the time spent cleaning in the kitchen. Enduroshield is an ultra-thin transparent coating that completely adheres to the glass surface and provides protection that repels all water and oil based stains. Enduroshield is a permanent application that eliminates the need for harsh cleaning products.

The special Starphire glass we use for your kitchen splashbacks is highly durable. It will not stain, and it's designed to look just as great on the day that it was installed, as it does many years down the road. We have a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from.

  • Beautiful results every time!
  • Premium quality safety glass
  • We make it easy for you
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Palmers Glass Quality
Bathroom Glass Splashbacks
Stylish - Safe - Durable

When it comes to creative bathroom styling, glass Splashbacks and walls can have an amazing effect. With a huge variety of colours and styling to choose from, Splashbacks and glass walls can be installed on top of your existing tiling, or on the bare wall itself.

With our special Enduroshield coating, keeping the glass clean is far easier than normal bathroom tiling. Having large glass walls and Splashbacks in your bathroom creates a spacious and modern feel, which can make your bathroom feel bigger and a lot more stylish. Get inspired and browse the below gallery to see the amazing ways we can use glass in your bathroom!

Monica's testimonial

I had a frame-less glass shower screen that was supplied and fit promptly, with no fuss and looks lovely. All members of staff that I dealt with were courteous and professional. Thank you to the team at Palmer's Glass for a job well done.


  • Glass Splashback Specialists
  • Easy to Clean - 100% Safe
  • Huge Range of Colours
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Or call us today 9808 1344

Call us 9808 1344 or send us your enquiry

Sydney's Glass Specialists
Commercial Glass Splashbacks

Our commercial glass splashbacks set the industry benchmark when it comes to design options and safety. From foyer areas and meeting rooms, to medical centres and apartment buildings, our glass solutions will beautify your business.

All of our commercial glass splashbacks are manufactured on site. This ensures we have quality control over every element including thickness, glass type, and virtually limitless colour and design options. Experience the 'Palmers Glass' difference yourself, and get in touch with us today.

Belinda's testimonial

From the first phone call to the installation, nothing less than fantastic customer service. Showed up on the exact time for quote and installation. Professional, punctual and friendly. Great products. Couldn't be happier.


  • All Glass Manufactured in House
  • Commercial Class Specialists
  • Premium Quality Safety Glass
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Or call us today 9808 1344

Call us 9808 1344 or send us your enquiry

Splashback Buyers Guide

Glass splashback, nice choice! You like the look of them but don't know much about them. Let's find out!

Colours and textures

If you want a splashback with a light colour it is advisable to go with a low iron glass as this will give you a true rendition of your selected colour. Clear (normal) glass has an iron content which slightly tints the colour. Some people like the look of the clear glass as it fits in with their desired style.

You may be thinking about a white splashback which has proven very popular over the years. Given the nature of lighting and ambient colours within the installation environment it is practically impossible to match a white colour in a splashback. With upwards of 30,000 shades of white, even if the exact match were achieved, deviations within the lit environment,including differing surfaces, would see a different colour perceived.

We recommend choosing either a shade of white that will complement the existing environment or making more of a statement by choosing a different, bold colour. We have a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, and we're more than happy to provide you with any advice when it comes to colours.

What Type of Glass is Used?

Splashbacks are made on 6mm glass and depending upon the placement may be toughened to form A-Grade Safety Glass. The toughening process is used mainly when the glass will be effected by heat, usually from a stovetop.

How Much Do Splashbacks Cost?

Prices start at around $440/sqm on low iron glass. Cut-outs for power points and range-hoods etc add a little to the cost as the glass must be cut with a precision water-jet cutter. Accuracy is an imperative for splashbacks as a few millimetres can mean the difference between a perfect fit and the need for a re-cut. A highly trained measurer is essential for a quality end product.

Proper Curing of Silicon

Using only the highest quality, neutral cure, silicon to affix your splashback is very important. This specialised silicon protects the longevity of your splashback and eliminates any reaction between the paint and the adhesive product.

One short-term side effect of the curing process is that you may see a shadow of the silicon for up to two months on metallic colours while the adhesive dries. Over the weeks you will watch the shadow getting slowly smaller as it cures. This is totally normal and once fully cured the silicon will be completely invisible.

Warranty & Additional Information

Further Info:

  • At Palmers, all panels are custom made to the exact specifications of your unique site, nothing is pre-fabricated. In addition, all aspects of processing are completed in-house giving us total control over quality control and turnaround.
  • Palmers offer a free, on site, measure and quote for splashbacks. We can also give you an estimated quote off the plan.
  • From receipt of deposit Palmers will usually have your splashback installed within 3 weeks. (Remember, we custom make everything)
  • Upon ordering your splashback we require a 30% deposit enabling us to set the wheels in motion.

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