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If your windows, shop front or glass doors have been damaged, don't delay: call Sydney’s leading glass repairs glazier now on (02) 9808 1344.

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Glass repairs service
Residential & Commercial

Urgent Glass Repairs

We are able to quickly respond to all glass repair requests in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Cracked, smashed or damaged glass is much more than just an eyesore. Unless urgent glass repairs are carried out, even the smallest amount of damage can create a very real safety concern.

Excellent service with a personal touch. In future I won't look anywhere else for whatever my glass needs.

Peter Johnston

All Types ofDomestic Glass Repairs

Palmers' Glass are a friendly team eager to make your home whole again. Whether it's a cracked shower screen, a broken mirror, a shattered door, replacement tabletop, window, or so much more. If it s made of glass and needs repairs, there s an excellent chance we can fix it for you.

They came in very well priced compared to other companies, and were easy to deal with from start to finish.

Spiro Dellis
Worker performing Strata glass repairs

Commercial & Real EstateStrata Glass Repairs

We understand how invested you are in your business, and believe you deserve a partner committed to top-tier commercial glass repairs. You can count on Palmer’s Glass to be professional, timely, efficient, and focused on spectacular results, every step of the way.

Our experienced team works closely with schools, local councils, hospitals, golf clubs, real estate agencies, and various other businesses, ensuring their glass is kept in perfect shape. We can replace your damaged glass with expertise and premium service our corporate accounts have come to rely on and trust.

Residential - Strata - Commercial

Fast Response Glass Repairs

Your TrustedGlass Repair Specialists

To meet the demands of almost any damaged glass installation, we stock a wide range of modern, standards compliant glass for any damaged or broken window, door or glass wall for your home or business.

What this means for you is that we are able to attend to all glass repairs quickly and efficiently… not leaving you with an unsightly and dangerous mess for a moment longer than necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About our glass repair services

When you choose to work with Palmer’s Glass, you receive a full-service solution for any glass repairs. If something breaks, please keep children and your pets away from the damaged area, and give us a call for an instant quote on 9808 1344.

Be very careful with the shards of glass. Especially if it’s ordinary window glass, as these will break into knife-like fragments that are extremely sharp. You don’t need to remove these or clean up around the area before we arrive on-site. Our expert maintenance team will be more than happy to safely clean up and safely dispose of any broken glass.

Our team is standing by to provide you with fast and efficient glass repairs, and we aim to have urgent glass repairs completed within 48 hours of your first call.

To ensure we’ve got the appropriate supplies on-hand we stock a wide variety of different types of glass right here in Sydney. If we don’t have the right stock on hand, we will secure the window, door, or shopfront with our safety boards while we prepare the glass you need for a complete repair.

As Sydney’s leading glass company, our glass always meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and all associated standards. Often, what we recommend our customers use will exceed these minimum requirements, ensuring our customers enjoy the best possible solutions for their urgent glass repairs and upgrades.

You should also know that these standards are being constantly updated, the most current is AS-1288. This sometimes means the glass we are required to install is of a higher standard than what it’s replacing. We follow the most current regulations on this to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the people who may be frequenting your business or home.

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 9808 1344.

In addition to our high-quality glass, all of our repairs and commercial installations are performed by highly skilled and qualified tradespeople.

Our customers enjoy a full 3-year 100% guarantee on all workmanship and hardware. If you experience any issues or have any concerns with the repairs done in your home or business, please reach out to us. We will repair and rectify any problems quickly and efficiently to ensure your complete satisfaction with Palmer’s Glass, and the repairs we’ve done for you.

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