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The Highest Quality Glass for Safety

Glass may be an element of the home that typically goes unnoticed, but its unobtrusive presence makes a big impact in every room, allowing cramped spaces to appear larger, dim rooms to be flooded with light, and dated designs to appear updated and modern.

Custom building & installing
Frameless shower screens
In Sydney for over 25 years

A custom frameless shower screen enclosure can transform your bathroom into the ultra-contemporary look that you love. Unlike framed shower units and doors, frameless shower screens have an almost invisible design that lends every bathroom an open, spacious and spa-like feel.

Constructed from 10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, Palmer's customises every frameless shower screen to the exact specifications of your unique bathroom layout. Glass is secured using only the highest-quality hinges made from 100% solid brass. Our extensive factory completes every aspect of production in-house, giving us total control over quality.

With our state-of-the-art glass processing equipment we can manufacture all types of beautiful custom frameless showers screens. Talk to one of our friendly consultants today and learn how our unique customisations allow for more creativity in your design.

  • Beautiful results every time!
  • Premium quality safety glass
  • We make it easy for you
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The frameless alternative is
The Slimline Range

A popular alternative to the "invisible" look of our frameless shower screens, Palmer's Slimline shower screen offers an equally modern design. Broad panels of 6mm A-Grade toughened safety glass are enhanced by sleek 25mm trim that frames the top and bottom.

The Slimline shower door is left frameless, and appears to float on our discreet glass-to-glass chrome-plated micro hinges made from solid brass. The Slimline screen is a beautiful addition and luxurious focal point of any modern or contemporary bathroom.

Monica's testimonial

I had a frame-less glass shower screen that was supplied and fit promptly, with no fuss and looks lovely. All members of staff that I dealt with were courteous and professional. Thank you to the team at Palmer's Glass for a job well done.


  • Highest quality glass for safety
  • Amazing results & 100% Gtd
  • Large number of options
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Streamline shower screens
A Palmer's Frameless alternative

Our Streamline Shower screen offers a slightly different look to the slimline, while maintaining all the style. The streamline hosts the door off top and bottom pivots rather than the frameless, hinged-off-the-side-panel style.

This style of door execution negates the higher price demanded by solid brass hinges offering homeowners luxury design at an affordable price.

If you're considering frameless shower screen options, contact us today to learn about how our unique customisation allows for more creativity in your design. We'll discuss hardware and glass finishes, as well as how we can best compliment your existing space.

  • Unbeatable quality & service
  • Easy no fuss installations
  • Call to ask us any questions!
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Call us 9808 1344 or send us your enquiry

A new way to save door space...
The Sleek 6mm Frameless Slider

An exciting new inclusion to the Palmer's range is the 6mm Frameless Slider with mechanism concealing header bar. If you love to have a sliding door on your frameless shower screen, then opting for the 6 mm frameless slider will save you space and money!

Constructed of 6mm A-grade safety glass, this screen features sliding panels in a 'Front Only', 'Front & Return' or 'Space Saver' configuration. An elegant screen that finds cost savings in the use of 6mm glass instead of 10mm.

Belinda's testimonial

From the first phone call to the installation, nothing less than fantastic customer service. Showed up on the exact time for quote and installation. Professional, punctual and friendly. Great products. Couldn't be happier.


  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Sleek & modern design
  • Safe & highly durable
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Or call us today 9808 1344

Call us 9808 1344 or send us your enquiry

Info about Palmers Glass shower screens

Some more general information about our shower screen products, accessories and warranties

Shower screen installation guide

Typically your new shower screen will be installed within 10 to 12 working days after receiving the deposit. Depending upon the design of your screen our expert installers will have your new shower in place within 1 to 3 hours of their arrival.

Please ensure that the shower area is fully dry for the day of installation as this is imperative for the silicon to fully adhere to contact surfaces.

Please note that for safety reasons our installers cannot take off their shoes during the installation, however, upon request shoe covers can be worn to help protect your floors from any stray dirt. To ensure the best possible result the shower should not be used for 24-48 hrs after installation to allow time for the silicone to develop a skin.

Glass shelves for shower screens

At Palmers we have a range of clear glass and starphire glass shelves available for purchase. These shelves are the perfect accessory to go with your new shower screen! Please note, given our extensive processing facilities we can also fully custom design and make shelves to your exact specifications!

Triangular Shelf: The triangular shelf is constructed of 10mm glass. Available in clear or starphire glass. They are 180mm wide and 125mm long. This is the smallest shelf in our range.

Round Soap Shelf: The round soap shelf is constructed of 10mm glass. It is available in clear or starphire glass. The shelf is 180mm wide and 175mm long.

Round Shelf: The round shelf is constructed of 10mm glass. It is available in clear or starphire glass. The shelf is also 180mm wide and 175mm long.

Shelf Brackets: Shelf brackets are available in a straight line or curved configuration to fit in with your other bathroom accessories.

Shower Waterflaps and Waterbars

Here's a quick video on how to install our Waterbars

Waterflap: Waterflap is placed on the bottom of a shower screen door. It is used to deflect the water running down the glass back into the shower. We have waterflaps to suit 6mm and 10mm thick glass.

Waterbar: Installing a frameless screen into an existing bathroom sees 70% of all installs with a waterbar gracing the floor beneath the door to help prevent spillage.

The Euroshield by Palmers Glass

Enduroshield is a one-time-application, permanent treatment that gives glass a non-stick, water repellent, impervious Teflon®-like coating that resists soiling and oil contamination, discolouration and general deterioration of the treated surfaces. An Enduroshield application makes cleaning a breeze helping to protect your investment well into the future.

Enduroshield is ideal for: Shower Screens, Splashbacks, Balustrades and Pool Fencing.

Ask our representative about having Enduroshield added to your product!

Handles Knobs & Hinges

Palmers offer a number of different high quality handles for Shower Screens and Glass Doors. All Shower Screens, bar the framed slider, come with a standard SK25 or SK40 handle. Our framed sliding shower screen has a high tensile, injection molded handle specifically designed for the framed screen. Take a look at the different handles and knobs.

Click on image to enlarge

Warranty & Additional Information

Palmer's Glass use only the highest quality fittings installed by industry leading trades people. To back up our wares and services we give a 3-year guarantee on all hardware and workmanship. This means if within three years of installation an issue arises with one of our shower screens due to workmanship or hardware we will rectify the problem quickly and efficiently.

Please note that due to the intrinsic nature of glass our guarantee does not cover glass breakage or scratches. * In addition, while all care is taken in regard to plumbing behind walls & tiles, we can take no responsibility for these factors as unknown pre-existing conditions, that we have no control over, can detrimentally affect the new installation.

Finally, please be aware that movement in walls is not an uncommon event. While we stand by our guarantee in regard to workmanship and hardware, we cannot cover maintenance costs incurred resulting from movements in your walls. Generally, a normal call out fee will apply in this instance to re-adjust your hinges to fit the new shape.

Further Info:

  • At Palmer's, all panels are custom made to the exact specifications of your unique site, nothing is pre-fabricated. In addition, all aspects of processing are completed in-house giving us total control over quality control and turnaround.
  • Palmer's offer a free, on site, measure and quote for shower screens. We can also give you an estimated quote off the plan.
  • Upon ordering your shower screen we require a 30% deposit enabling us to set the wheels in motion.
  • Frameless Shower Screens are not fully sealed units and as such mild water spillage is common. Shower head placement, as well as other factors, contribute to the amount of spill experienced. If a new build, please confer with your builder for the best shower layout to minimise spillage with a frameless screen.

* Note: Intrinsic to the nature of glass and the toughening process an inherent fault exists whereby a panel of glass may, without any identifiable reason, fracture and break. This is a rare condition however we are legally obliged to inform you of this issue pursuant to “Consumer Guarantees” – “Exceptions to Guarantees” as outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission under the point: “knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product”. This product and your foreknowledge therefore falls under this category for exception to guarantee.

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