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Palmers Glass are Sydney’s
Architectural Glass Specialist

Palmers architectural glass is a unique, high-performance material that can be used as both a decorative and structural enhancement to your commercial or residential building. Architectural glass can play a variety of key roles in your new build or remodel. As a barrier from weather, partitioning space, or a door system, architectural glass elements provide a polished, modern appeal.

Adding architectural glass features also has impressively functional benefits. It can reduce noise pollution, lower energy costs, and make even cramped or awkward rooms appear light and spacious.

Over the last 30 years, Palmers Glass has specialised in the design, supply and installation of exceptional glass solutions for beautifully designed architecture. From stunning residential interior enhancements to city buildings built with Palmers Glass, we know what design and construction quality is all about. Due to our unique fabrication processes, Palmers architectural glass can be used in ways that exceed standard applications.

Toughened by heat bonding and laminate at our own manufacturing site, Palmers architectural glass panels can be customized to create safe and secure flooring or roofing. We offer bespoke appearances that improve energy ratings and adds value to any property.

Where some of our competitors gravitate towards pre-fabricated glass services, we specialise in delivering an entirely custom solution to our clients. If you’re an architect, then your creative vision shouldn’t be limited by old-fashioned approaches. Because of this, we only work with leading materials and innovative processes to ensure that your architectural glass solution exceeds your expectations.

Architectural Glass Projects Sydney
Architectural Glass Solutions

Residential & Commercial Glass Solutions

In the past, structural glass barriers were fabricated with single sheets of toughened glazing, limiting their use to decorative applications. However, advancements in treatments and bonding have led to a more robust end-product that exceeds early limitations.

Palmers Glass has invested in the equipment, and the training needed to manufacture architectural glass to the highest standards. Our glass can be integrated into a broad range of designs for architects because of the toughened glass panes with interlayers that can stand up to drilling, polishing and notching to order.

As Sydney’s leading supplier of architectural glass, we specialize in customising designs in order to meet the needs of all commercial and residential projects. Our applications include:

  • Glass Balustrades
  • Frameless Glass Walls & Partitions
  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Custom Panoramic Windows
  • Panoramic Windows
  • Custom Glass Shopfronts
  • Glass Pool Fencing
  • Frameless Glass Balustrades

Our Glass Beautifies Your Architecture

Where our competitors might prefer to cut corners by using prefabricated glass services, we’d prefer to cut the glass ourselves! Because of our commitment to quality, all glass cutting, processing, laminating, toughening, and assembly of our products occur under one roof. As Sydney’s largest independent glass processor, Palmers Glass is capable of delivering completely customised glass solutions for both residential and large commercial clients.

At Palmers, we believe that your creative vision shouldn’t be limited by old-fashioned approaches to materials, manufacturing or design. We use only the highest-quality raw materials and invest heavily in innovative processes to ensure that our products surpass all expectations as people have come to expect from Palmers Glass.

Architectural Glass Projects in Sydney
Architectural Glass Projects Sydney

Architectural Perfection With Palmers Glass

For over 30 years, Palmers Glass has been driven by our consistent delivery of high-quality glass products, world-class manufacturing processes, timely project completion and our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of service.

While we continued to grow, we hold to our same commitment of over three decades ago: to serve both residential and commercial customers with stunning glass solutions.

That’s why you’ll find that all Palmers architectural glass solutions and custom designs are manufactured and installed to be cost and energy-efficient. From supply to installation, our Sydney clients can depend on Palmers for quality workmanship, reliable service and exceptional value.

Whether you are a homeowner, residential installer, architectural or interiors professional or a commercial contractor, Palmers Glass has the product solutions for your requirements. For a free consultation for your next architectural glass project in Sydney, call Palmers Glass today. Contact us or send us an online enquiry.

Considering the many compelling benefits of architectural glass? We offer solutions for projects ranging from small residential builds to full commercial applications. Contact us at 02 9808 1344 to learn more about what Palmers Glass has to offer.

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