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30+ Years of Glass Industry Experience

Palmers architectural glass is a unique, high-performance material that can be used as both a decorative and structural enhancement to your commercial or residential building.

Industry leaders in Commercial
Architectural Glass

Over the last 30 years, Palmers Glass has specialised in designing, supply, and installing exceptional glass solutions for beautifully designed architecture. Due to our unique fabrication processes, builders can use our architectural glass in ways that go beyond standard applications.

Toughened by heat bonding and laminate at our manufacturing site, builders can customise Palmers' architectural glass panels to create safe and secure flooring or roofing. We offer glass with bespoke appearances that will improve energy ratings and add value to any property.

As Sydney's leading supplier of architectural glass, we specialise in customising designs to meet your commercial project's needs. Architects can integrate our glass into a broad range of designs because of the toughened glass panes with interlayers that can stand up to drilling, polishing and notching to order.

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  • Premium quality safety glass
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Residential Architectural
Glass Solutions
Stylish - Safe - Durable

Architectural glass can play a variety of critical roles in your new build or remodel. As a barrier from weather, partitioning space, or a door system, architectural glass elements will provide a polished and modern appeal for your home.

Whether you are a homeowner, residential installer, architectural or interiors professional, our glass will beautify your home. Our stunning residential glass solutions are custom designed and manufactured with the highest quality raw materials. All glass cutting, processing, laminating, toughening, and assembly of our products occurs under one roof.

Monica's testimonial

I had a frame-less glass shower screen that was supplied and fit promptly, with no fuss and looks lovely. All members of staff that I dealt with were courteous and professional. Thank you to the team at Palmer's Glass for a job well done.


  • 30+ Yrs of Glass Experience
  • Easy to Clean - 100% Safe
  • Huge Range of Options
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Your Trusted Provider of
Quality Glass Products

Our competitors gravitate towards pre-fabricated glass services; we specialise in delivering an entirely custom solution to our clients.

If you're an architect, then your creative vision shouldn't be limited by old-fashioned approaches. Because of this, we only work with leading materials and innovative processes to ensure that your architectural glass solution exceeds your expectations.

Belinda's testimonial

From the first phone call to the installation, nothing less than fantastic customer service. Showed up on the exact time for quote and installation. Professional, punctual and friendly. Great products. Couldn't be happier.


  • In-house Glass Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Premium Quality Safety Glass
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Architectural Glass Buyers Guide

Architectural glass has become the first choice of modern building materials for very good reasons.

What is architectural glass?

Architectural glass is any glass used as a building material. It comes in a wide variety of finishes and thicknesses depending on its final use case. There are many manufacturing processes for architectural glass because there is such a vast array of use cases.

Is architectural glass safe

Yes, most definitely. Architectural glass is very different from regular breakable float glass used in windows. All residential architectural glass used in scenarios like shower screens and glass staircase balustrades is Grade-A toughened safety glass. This type of architectural glass is 4-5 times stronger than standard glass, and if broken, it shatters into tiny safe cube-like fragments that significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Larger sheets of architectural glass are virtually unbreakable. Laminated architectural glass is used in shopping centres and buildings for various scenarios such as glass roofs and glass elevators etc. Laminated architectural glass is extremely difficult to break, and when it does break, it remains held together due to the laminate's bonding, so there are no glass fragments.

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