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A Sydney Kitchen with Palmers Glass Splashback

Custom Cut Coloured Glass
Kitchen Splashbacks for Your Sydney Home

Modern Colourful Glass Splashbacks


o modern Sydney kitchen could be complete these days without a stylish, practical glass splashback. The secret to a world class kitchen is a beautiful splashback. Glass has become the preferred kitchen splashback medium for designers and DIY renovators alike for a good reason: with an almost infinite range of colours and unparalleled custom design, nothing else provides the versatility of glass.

Do you want to invite modern elegance into your kitchen? The key to creating a beautiful kitchen theme is adding an illustrious glass splashback. This design trend is sleek, simple, and brilliant.

You can finally stop pining away for a glamorous, shining kitchen like those shown in your favourite home decor magazines and home improvement television shows. A first rate kitchen design is within reach when you update using gorgeous glass to line your counter-tops and highlight the shape and contours of your kitchen space.

Whether you are updating an existing kitchen or outfitting a new construction, glass splashbacks are a great way to create a highly desirable kitchen…

Toughened Glass Splashbacks

Our products go far beyond superficial beauty. They are constructed of glass that is the utmost in quality. Our panels are made from 6mm, coloured A-Grade safety glass. Aside from adding beauty to your kitchen, these glass panels will add convenience and ease to your daily kitchen routine since they are easy to wipe clean.

Forget about worrying about splattering during cooking, or spending your time scraping food residue from painted wall surfaces. Adding glass surfaces to you kitchen is an easy way to turn your kitchen into a splatter-proof work zone.

Bring the Creativity of Glass to Your Kitchen

The interior design community has fallen in love with kitchen splashbacks made of glass. Our kitchen splashbacks can give your kitchen a presence of sophistication. They have become a popular focal point for contemporary designers because they offer clean lines, modern simplicity, and timeless convenience. Glass kitchen splashbacks add a touch of creativity to the design of your kitchen. The translucent and reflective surfaces increase light and make your kitchen space appear larger and brighter. We have a large variety of vibrant colours to choose from. Additionally, we can customise a colour to fit whatever look you want to achieve.

Custom Colours Splashbacks

Our Splashbacks Will Transform Your Sydney Kitchen

An attractive kitchen is an important element of the look and value of your home. Of course, nothing is as important as having a kitchen that is beautiful as well as safe. Palmer’s Glass always put safety at the forefront of all our glass creations and installations. Our splashbacks adhere to the highest of Australian safety standards. The importance of safety in your home’s food preparation areas can never be over emphasised. We promise that our gorgeous splashbacks will serve you and your family safely and effectively for years and years to come.

Kitchen Splashbacks Video

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